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“Our mission is to serve you by continuously supporting and maintaining your critical-power applications in a safe and cost-efficient way.” We are the total solution provider to the power room with best-in-class support and service solutions that increase the efficiency and reliability of your installation. With our global service network and local presence we are always close by. Our services are not limited to the maintenance of your installation; they go beyond that, to keep your application up to the highest market standards, including safety and the environment.



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The HITEC UPS Academy ensures availability of skilled engineers

Our trainers at the UPS Academy have years of experience and a solid background in the HITEC UPS technology, as well as excellent communication and knowledge transfer skills. We offer educational services to support your technical staff in keeping your power in optimal control via our PowerPRO UPS systems.

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Support 24/7

How can we help you? Our helpdesk has a number of field-based technical specialists to support you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We provide high-level technical and diagnostic support, and in the case of accidents or breakdowns we make sure you get the right service, including on-site support to get you up and running.

Helpdesk EMEA: +31 546 589 567
Helpdesk APAC: +886 357 874 46
Helpdesk NAM: 1-800-794-9398

Service Solutions


Maintain our equipment

The key to having continuous uninterruptable power, maximizing system reliability, and optimizing TCO is a planned maintenance program. Carrying out regular planned maintenance activities will ensure the reliability of the complete system.

HITEC Power Protection has a global service organization combined with a network of partners and distributors. All HITEC’s service centers are staffed with service and maintenance personnel with OEM training and certification. Our maintenance schedule ensures the DRUPS system is maintained in a state of continuous availability. All trained service technicians work to the guidelines laid down by local governing bodies and the manufacturers. Our local offices are able to secure all of your critical locations, with tailor-made solutions for sites where performance is affected by factors such as altitude, humidity, salt-laden atmosphere, extreme heat and cold, dust, etc.


Switchgear and breakers support

We offer extensive solutions for associated ancillary equipment, including scheduled maintenance of switchgear and breakers, reactive repairs, and system upgrades. Our highly experienced teams will handle the full solution from inspection, mechanical and operational checks, up to thermographic testing and troubleshooting, to continuous monitoring for proactive maintenance planning, in order to ensure the smooth and efficient completion of work with minimal disruption. By maintaining your switchgear and breakers through HITEC, you will reduce the risk of failures and/or unexpected shutdowns and thus extend the lifetime of your assets.


Cooling and radiators support

For an engine to deliver robust and reliable performance, it needs perfect conditions in which to operate. Therefore, regular maintenance checks of the engine’s cooling system must be conducted. Lack of maintenance of the cooling system can cause the engine to lose power and perform below its designed power output; create excessive wear; degrade lubricating oil; and, at worst, result in loss of power. Site ambient operating temperatures can vary considerably. It is of vital importance that no over-heating occurs while the unit is operating, while at the same time the engine must be protected during freezing conditions. The heat generated through combustion must have an adequate heat transfer system that is reliable and in good working order, and the system must be pressurized to permit operation at higher temperatures.


Fuel- and exhaust-system support

Our installations include diesel engines that incorporate high injection pressures. To meet the latest government standards, the design of a modern combustion chamber dictates that manufacturing tolerances be as close a 2 microns. At these pressures very small contaminate particles within the fuel can scar the surface of the fuel delivery system, which can result in increased wear, loss of performance, and the potential failure of components. A primary cause of on-site stored fuel contamination is entry of dust, water, and dirt. Our experienced service technicians will ensure that there is no contamination of your stored fuel. 


System analysis

To ensure your installation is safe and operating at its optimum performance, with minimum emissions and maximum efficiency, we provide a consultative service to support your operation from a health, safety, and environment perspective. We carry out:

  • Power audits
  • Health and safety certification
  • Emission testing and improvements (to Tier II and to Tier IV)
  • Noise emission checks
  • Acoustic treatments (attenuators, room, and exhaust)
  • Circuit protection and selectivity

Curious about the possibilities for your installation? Please contact your local HITEC representative or use our contact form for more information.


Spare Parts

Are you running out of grease? Our strategically positioned Regional Support Centers ensure the highest level of service for your UPS’s critical parts and systems in the most cost-effective manner, dedicated to our local install base. These strategically located Regional Support Centers ensure spares availability and short bearing exchange periods. To keep your unit in peak condition, we have a large number of original and critical spare parts in stock – so always available. We ship our parts and consumables on a daily base to over 60 countries.


Possibilities for installations

Our installations run for decades on site, even though technology is changing on a daily base with new standards and new possibilities continually becoming available. Our expertise allows us to upgrade your installation, bringing it up to the highest market standards to meet all safety, environmental, efficiency, and cost reduction requirements. We have developed upgrade programs to extend the lifetime of your installation, to retrofit, and to upgrade it with the newest standards, control systems, and remote monitoring.
Curious about the possibilities for your installation? Please contact your local HITEC representative or use our contact form for more information.

Training & development

Cooling and radiator transport

We provide onsite customer training, classroom training, and webinars through the UPS Academy at our HITEC HQ facilities (NL). In addition to these activities, the UPS Academy plays a crucial role in the training and development of all the global HITEC staff as well as those in our distributor and partner network. By combining the broad experience of all our specialists and senior staff, we have created the HITEC Learning Organization Team for all.

In addition to covering all the safety aspects, our training is focused on the certification of people to allow them to:

  • Create an awareness regarding the importance of UPS systems;
  • Have a full practical and theoretical understanding in operating the installed PowerPRO system;
  • Respond professionally to technical issues (trouble shooting)
  • Execute the weekly and monthly system checks in a professional manner.

Extra services

To meet your needs at a moment’s notice, HITEC offers a fleet of containerized UPS units. Our portable dynamic UPS solutions can be offered for temporary or specific power backup requirements. We can support events that have mission-critical power needs, such as hospital renovations and sporting events. Long-term rental and even “try-before-you-buy” solutions can be provided.

Units can be dispatched to fit into a variety of configurations and voltages. Our rental fleet has a capacity of +10 MW in different unit capacity sizes to match individual customer needs.
Our mobile fleet is dedicated to ensuring your facility is protected, whenever and wherever needed.

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Are you running out of grease? Our strategically positioned Regional Support Centers ensure the highest level of service for your UPS’s critical parts and systems in the most cost-effective manner, dedicated to our local install base.

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