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HITEC Power Protection operates from its head office and manufacturing facility located in Almelo, the Netherlands, with regional support centers in the USA and Asia Pacific, and a presence in the United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, Russia, Spain, Malaysia, Taiwan, and China. The company’s global coverage is further enhanced by a network of top-tier distributors, agents, and representatives who enable the company to service equipment and support customers around the world.

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Our passion is supplying quality power to protect the world’s most critical applications

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Our Promise

As the population increases its reliance on communication and connectivity, urban expansion, and manufacturing and automation, the world’s power grids will continue to be stretched to their limits. This power dependency creates a significant risk that can lead to dramatic utility power outages that affect business-critical facilities such as hospitals, airports, stock exchanges, data centers and industrial manufacturing processes.

HITEC Power Protection’s mission is to support these critical facilities by assuring safe, reliable and conditioned power. In this manner, we are contributing to the uninterrupted supply of these services, while supporting our clients with the most innovative UPS solutions that meet their demanding and complex processes.



Backed by an entrepreneurial spirit, we dedicate ourselves and our resources to the creation and development of business linking air, water and the earth.

Our Mission

To design, develop, deliver, and support innovative turnkey solutions for critical power applications.

Our Vision

To be the global number one in dynamic power protection solutions.

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Carbon footprint
Eliminating unnecessary diesel engine starts reduces emissions.

Battery free dynamic UPS systems prevent ecological damage as result of mining of Lithium and Kobalt.

Transformer less medium voltage systems bring PUE to new lows.

Our equipment is TA-Luft or EPA tier rated, the strictest standard in the industry.

Recycle / Reuse
The HITEC UPS systems are fully recyclable.

Energy Losses
Through our efficiency advantage, we save thousands of kilowatt hours.

The Head Office

We are headquartered in Almelo, the Netherlands, supported by full-service subsidiaries in the United States, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Spain, Russia, China, Taiwan, Japan, and Malaysia. To enable global service and support to our customers, HITEC Power Protection relies on a worldwide network of qualified partners. By combining the strengths and experience of both HITEC Power Protection and our global partners, we ensure high quality, turnkey power solutions that fit local market requirements.


Founded by Mr. Hofstede Crull

HITEC Power Protection can trace its roots back to 1894 when Hofstede Crull founded an electrical engineering consultancy company to design and build the first utility power station in the east of the Netherlands.


Hofstede Crull & Willink

In 1897, Hofstede Crull partnered with the pioneering mechanical engineer William Willink to create Hofstede Crull & Willink, a company that designed and manufactured electrical appliances



Several mergers in 1908 saw the creation of the Hengelosche Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Factory, better known as HEEMAF. Later, in 1963, the company became known as HOLEC.


Specialized in no-break power supply

HEEMAF began to specialize in no-break power supply and braking systems. The provision of these systems became increasingly important, resulting in the formation of a project office and installation company.


HEEMAF designed and built its first battery-based rotary UPS

HEEMAF designed and built its first battery-based rotary uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system for a national telecom company.


First diesel rotary UPS system

HOLEC designed and installed the first diesel rotary UPS system, a 300 kVA no-break system that was built for a data center application in northern Europe.


First induction coupling with free rotating inner rotor

HOLEC designed and produced the induction coupling, a flywheel with a free rotating inner rotor. The revolutionary approach allowed for new increases in unit capacity.


World’s largest dynamic UPS unit

HITEC further innovated its dynamic UPS systems to meet clients’ redundancy needs and operating voltage requirements. This culminated in the release of the industry’s first 22.8 kV, 3600 kVA medium voltage dynamic UPS.


Launch of the PowerPRO series

HITEC listened to the changing needs of its clients and in 2015 launched the PowerPRO series, offering even higher efficiency, reduced downtime, and a more compact footprint in the first clad unit in the industry.


HITEC wins the iF DESIGN AWARD 2017

In 2017, HITEC Power Protection won the iF DESIGN AWARD, a world-renowned design prize. Every year, Germany’s oldest independent design organization, Hannover-based iF International Forum Design GmbH, organizes the iF DESIGN AWARD.


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We want to be known for improving the lives of our clients, their customers and our employees. As a HITECT worker, you’ll get better every day.

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Meet our people

Tianzhu Tang, Junior Electrical Specialist

“In an international team at HITEC, I am supporting the complete electrical team with large custom made electrical drawings for our customer”

Meet our people

Yilmaz Koc, Customer Support Engineer

“I have an international job and like to be part of the last part, before a Dynamic UPS system is running”.

Meet our people

Piotr Marzec, Software Engineer

“Developing the software for Dynamic UPS systems gives me the opportunity to work on complex projects, in which engineering and software solutions are merged into one.”

Meet our people

Karel Harmsen, Test Field Engineer

“At the Test Field, we are working in an experienced team to deliver the highest quality product, by testing the Dynamic UPS systems in all different settings”.

Meet our people

Cesar Morera, IC Testengineer

“Working with Induction Couplings that will be tested for the first time gives an excited feeling during the work day at HITEC.”

Meet our people

Clint Koornstra, Junior QESH Engineer

“In HITEC we strive always for a safe surrounding, I am focused on getting all standards and procedures within HITEC on a high quality level.”