Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) are a must in this day and age. With almost every aspect and application of modern business relying on electricity to power its technology, the lack of an uninterruptible power supply system can severely hinder business operations. Power quality and reliability for mission-critical infrastructures are an ongoing challenge in today’s economy. Complex systems and processes need continuous and clean power to maximize uptime and profitability.

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Dynamic UPS system

Dynamic UPS systems, reliable, compact, and highly efficient UPS solutions

Whatever your business challenges may be, our PowerPRO series provides the greatest reliability, with the product range precisely designed to match your critical power demands and environmental requirements. PowerPRO’s innovative battery-free design increases efficiency, saves space, and minimizes environmental impact.

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Test field

High performance testing “Appreciated by our clients”

With state of the art test stands, HITEC’s test field is designed to simulate the most demanding performance criteria and operational requirements. HITEC Test Field facility is equipped to duplicate the most demanding quality and performance environments with one goal in mind: to give our customers peace of mind and 100% confidence in the performance of our new equipment.


Key Competencies

  • Life safety testing at both 50Hz and 60HZ up to 3.600 kVA
  • Facility for medium voltage UPS testing up to 24kVA
  • UPS type testing and engine qualifications
  • Configuration and redundancy testing
  • Frequency/voltage distortion
  • Synchronization testing
  • Harmonic distortion testing
  • Efficiency testing and measurement
  • Short circuit testing
  • Heat run testing at max. load
  • Emissions and EMC compliance testing
  • Extensive software simulations
  • On the job training facility

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How to attain infrastructure reliability and reduce energy usage

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Avoiding the Battery Mentality: Best Practices for Uninterrupted Healthcare Facility Backup Power

Power security is critical to healthcare facilities that require a constant supply of clean and reliable power from the grid, as it ensures maximum uptime and ongoing business continuity when you need it most.