Protection against historic weather events

March 17th, 2021

An estimated 4.5 million homes and businesses in Texas were left without power during what is undoubtedly the largest forced blackout in U.S. history. These blackouts came as a direct result
of severe winter storms that swept across the United States in February 2021. During days of on-going utility interruptions and uncertainty, the HITEC Dynamic UPS system provided 100% uptime to the critical load, and life safety systems, providing guaranteed power at the most critical time.’

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About HITEC Power Protection

HITEC Power Protection is the world leader in dynamic continuous power solutions and has over 2100 UPS systems istalled globally. Headquartered at Almelo in The Netherlands, HITEC delivers class leading turnkey Dynamic Rotary PS systems that are designed to meet individual customer needs, wherever they are in the world. HITEC guarantees orldwide customer service support through an integrated network of highly qualified service engineers that are backed up by three Regional Support Centers and a 24 x 7 Global Helpdesk.