Safety of Air Traffic

Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, The Netherlands is one of the largest airports in the world. While its aim is to offer the highest quality service to those that travel through it, safety of air traffic movements on its busy taxiways and it the skies above it is the highest priority.

Project Challenge

During a major construction phase in 1994, the client selected HITEC Power Protection to provide 2 Dynamic UPS units of 300kVA. Each unit supplied a separate critical bus giving a single uninterruptible supply to the equipment connected to it. Over the years since then, the power requirements have increased as the airport Project challenge has grown. While the existing system offered an uninterruptible supply, it did not offer a resilient supply to the critical load (i.e. from more than one UPS system). This created difficulties in planning maintenance outages. In 2015 a drastic upgrade of the systems was required.

Project Solution

HITEC worked closely with its client to devise a bespoke solution to increase the resilience and capacity for future developments. This solution kept the existing HITEC units and added another Dynamic UPS unit of 1000kVA. The system was then completed by connecting the output from one of the existing Dynamic UPS units to an input of the static transfer switches (STS). The second input to all the STSs is from the new Dynamic UPS unit. Due to the very fast switching between the two sources, the critical loads that are connected to the output of the STSs can be supplied from either source making the new system highly resilient. Also the higher capacity new unit is part of the process of preparing the facility for future upgrades in the years to come.

Customer Experience

By selecting HITEC, the client selected a partner they can trust for the long term. Besides getting a solution providing them with the highest levels of reliability, the after sales technical support was one of the major factors for them to also involve HITEC Power Protection in this upgrade project.

  • UPS type:                          Dynamic UPS
  • Power module:                  2 x 300 kVA + 1 x 1000 kVA
  • No-break rating:               2 x 300 kVA + 1 x 1000 kVA of net useable power
  • Engine rating:                    Standby rated 300 kVA and 1000 kVA
  • Phase 1 install:                  2 modules x 300 kVA (1994)
  • Phase 2 install:                  1 module x 1000 kVA (2015)
  • Configuration:                   Existing: single / upgrade: distributed redundant
  • Housing:                            Plant room installation

Customer support

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