Productivity and Continuity of Process Plant Operations

This client is a global research and manufacturing company in the healthcare sector. It offers products for the collection and processing of blood components and for therapeutic treatment of patient blood by apheresis systems. It produces blood treatment filters and conventional transfusion systems. The research and development activities for the innovation of blood filtration devices is concentrated in this plant.

Project Challenge

Micro interruptions (glitches) in the utility supply cause power disturbances at the facility, these lead to loss of productivity and the resulting loss of revenue. Hence, there was a strong need to mitigate these power quality problems. These supply interruptions, generally up to 2 seconds, were the most common cause of problems at the facility. The client was looking for a solution and contacted several other vendors. However, the other vendors were product oriented, offering their off the shelf products and leaving the rest to the client. What the client required was a solution based approach. HITEC Power Protection and its local authorized partner ATME performed a thorough analysis of the problem. Based on that HITEC and ATME were able to design and propose a complete and optimized solution tailored to the needs of the customer.

Project Solution

As part of the analysis, power conditioning came out as being of more importance than long term power back up. Technically it was established that the solution could be built around a HITEC PowerKEM ride through system; without the need for a diesel engine. In close cooperation with the client, a complete solution was designed that involved the installation of a new transformer, medium voltage switchgear and the addition of new low voltage feeder switches. Also some of the existing panels had to be repositioned to prepare the site for the installation of the control panels for the PowerKEM Ride through (1000kVA). Due to space limitation and the audible noise from the PowerKEM unit, it was established that the PowerKEM unit should be best placed outside the existing building. For that purpose the PowerKEM was provided within its own sound attenuating enclosure. All of this was provided by HITEC and ATME as a complete solution.

Customer Experience

The customer had identified the problem and tried to get a solution from different vendors. As those vendors were product oriented, little progress had been made. When HITEC and ATME stepped in, the client found a partner that could analyze the problem and design a complete solution together with the client. In addition, HITEC and ATME were also able to assume the responsibility for the turn-key delivery of the solution.

  • UPS type:                          Rotary UPS System
  • Power module:                 1000 kVA
  • No-break rating:               1000 kVA of net useable power
  • Phase 1 install:                  1 module
  • Operating voltage:            400V/50HZ
  • Configuration:                   Single
  • Housing:                            Containerized installation

Customer support

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