Dynamic UPS Technology

In the 1950s, HITEC engineers leveraged kinetic energy to invent the first uninterruptible power supply that didn’t use chemical storage, and the Dynamic UPS industry was born. There has been an ongoing debate ever since as to which is really the better method for storing energy in UPS applications, batteries or kinetic energy?

Batteries established a firm foothold for many decades because they offered a shorter time to market and higher production volume. Used in Static UPS systems, batteries are often selected over their kinetic counterparts due to a perception that they provide cost-effective protection at all load levels. Many companies therefore often put their stamp of approval on procuring a Static UPS system without fully considering the total cost of ownership and the tangible benefits that a Dynamic UPS system can bring to their business.

As pioneers in this industry, we have seen numerous power storage approaches come and go, and over the last 60 years our hands-on experience and technology knowledge has created a UPS system that offers far superior power conditioning and power protection over battery based UPS systems.

Simpler Technology, Fewer Points of Failure

Dynamic UPS systems are far simpler technically, structurally, and electrically than Static UPS systems. With a fraction of the components to that used in a Static UPS systems, Dynamic UPS systems have significantly less single points of failure and as such they dramatically increase uptime and reliability.

Natural Load Protection and Support

Dynamic UPS Systems provide natural power protection and power filtration without the need for power electronics and control logic. Because of the fundamental difference in the way power is delivered by Dynamic UPS systems they can support any load type and application. This is not possible with a Static UPS system it and makes Dynamic UPS systems the most flexible power protection available.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Cost considerations are paramount for any high-value technology decision. Dynamic UPS systems provide the lowest cost of ownership and shortest return on investment in the market. High-efficiency, low space requirements, the ability to operate at ambient and without air conditioning and a long product life cycle all combine to make it the most economical choice for power protection.

Look around the PowerPRO 2700

What makes the PowerPRO2700 Series Unique

  • Lowest possible TCO
  • Greatest reliability and uptime
  • Highest available system efficiency
  • Unrivalled monitoring and reporting
  • Rapid and straightforward installation
  • Intuitive control and operation
  • Compact footprint, highest power density
  • A sustainable and battery free solution
  • Pressure and endurance tests conducted in our own in-house test field