Power is not a constant. This statement is known all too well in areas where the power grid is limited in reach or areas where the local utility experiences constant faults. Feeling this pain are companies involved with the global supply chain, as they have a particular need for continuous, uninterrupted power.

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“HITEC has the best reputation in the industry for providing semiconductor companies with UPS solutions that offer clean power in areas where the grid is unstable.”

The fact is, semiconductor processes are driven by electrical loads that are difficult for standard UPS equipment to support. HITEC’s dynamic UPS systems are designed to condition and provide power to sustain electrical loads, and ensure unstable grid conditions never impact productivity quotas. HITEC systems support the entire wafer manufacturing process. They ensure that power is clean and stable, that humidity and temperature remain constant,

and that the entire production environment remains sterile and hermetically sealed at a continuous positive pressure. HITEC has the best reputation in the industry for providing semiconductor companies with UPS solutions that offer clean power in areas where the grid is unstable. This allows wafer production to continue and supply chain demands to be met.

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The security of our countries and their borders drives a market that defines the term “mission-critical”.

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For governments, power has two meanings: influence and operations. When it comes to ensuring operations for intelligence agencies, space programs, and others, more institutions are selecting HITEC’s UPS solution.

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When the safety of passengers and travelers is on the line, HITEC Power Protection is the solution of choice for the power protection needs of critical infrastructure.

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It’s estimated that the global internet population has grown by 18.5% in the last two years. The amount of data produced and consumed is staggering: Twitter users post over 347,000 tweets a minute.

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As the global manufacturing operations of the largest drug companies in the world continue to expand, so has the demand for uninterrupted supplies of power to support the process, control, and operational components of these facilities.

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Mission critical refers to any factor of a system that is essential to business operations or to an organization.

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The transportation industry is a vast network, encompassing everything from municipal bus, subway, and commuter-train systems that transport citizens to and from work and school, to container ships that transport goods from port to port all around the globe.

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Oil & Gas

Gone are the days of the simple processing facility. Today’s gas-fueled society demands that refineries maintain continuous power to drive a non-stop flow of production, as well as to guarantee the safety of the operation.

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The financial systems that support the world’s major markets are reliant on speed and precision to execute trade and manage the flow of capital.

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Data Center

Uninterruptible services are paramount to ensure data processing and facility reliability needed to deliver an estimated 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created every day.

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The manufacturing sector comprises businesses with plants, factories, or mills that characteristically use power-driven machines and materials-handling equipment.

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