Data Center

Uninterruptible services are paramount to ensure data processing and facility reliability needed to deliver an estimated 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data created every day. Needless to say, if the lights are out, the data is not flowing. That’s why the world’s largest internet and cloud companies turn to HITEC to ensure their mission-critical operations continue to process and export data.

 HITEC understands that every installation presents unique challenges, so our engineers specifically designed solutions for each individual installation. Based on decades of experience, we provide cost-effective, highly reliable, uninterrupted power to promise the ever-present flow of data is achieved.

 HITEC has the industry’s best reputation for serving the semiconductor industry with UPS solutions that offer clean power in areas where the grid is unstable. This allows wafer production to continue and supply-chain demands to be met.


Lowering operational costs

Customer support

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