Client case

Powering the data center for a global bank

When one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organizations, with operations in 65 countries, decided to construct a new group data center, it turned to HITEC Power Protection, and its dynamic UPS systems, to provide a secure and resilient design for its electrical infrastructure. HITEC had recently upgraded an existing data center for this client, so it was the natural choice to carry out this new project.


UPS type: Dynamic UPS
Unit type: DRUPS
Power module: 2300 kVA (1650 kVA no break and 650 kVA short break)
Total install: Initially 2 systems of 3 units in parallel
Future expansion: Final situation 2 systems of 14 units in parallel
Operating voltage: 11,000 V/50 Hz
Configuration: Parallel system
Location: 2 “energy centers” - plant rooms



Project Challenge

The data center was designed to be one of this client’s main group data centers, not only to support transactions in the UK but also to play a key role in its worldwide IT infrastructure. Resilience and security of operation were key factors in every design decision.

This led to HITEC installing two completely separate and independently operating dynamic UPS systems. These were in two energy centers located at opposite corners of the site to minimize the effect of an event impacting both of the power protection systems.

Project Solution

Each of the rotary UPS systems was initially installed with three 2300 kVA units operating in a parallel system. The system was designed for a maximum of 14 units in parallel on each system, totaling 25 MW of continuous and clean power. Because of such a large system rating, the units were connected at 11 kV. Locating the energy centers away from the main data center was beneficial because it

meant that both transferring power at a higher voltage and transforming down to 400 V locally to the data halls could be done more efficiently and at a lower capital cost.

Subsequent to the initial installation, two additional units have been incorporated into each system. Further units are also scheduled to be installed as the site demand increases.

By selecting to work with HITEC again, the client built on its confidence from previous installations.

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