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Power protection for critical healthcare

Amphia Hospital, in Breda, the Netherlands, is a state-of-the-art, top-clinical hospital designed around patient intimacy. This new 600-bed facility opened in 2019. The hospital has four separate buildings – Oncology, Mother and Child, General Care, and Hot Floor (surgery, emergency room, trauma) – which meant that HITEC Power Protection was able to customize its technical installation according to the purpose of each building.


UPS type: Dynamic UPS
Power module: 2000 kVA
No-break rating: 1600 [email protected] 0.8 pf of net usable power
Engine rating: Prime power rated at 2000 kVA
Phase 1 install: 2 modules
Total install: 3 modules in total
Operating voltage: 10.5 kV/50 Hz
Configuration: Parallel system
Housing: In building separate from hospital location



Project Challenge

The initial approach in the project design had been to apply classic standby generators and static UPS (uninterruptible power supply) systems in the various buildings where required. However, HITEC Power Protection proposedthatanalternative,morebeneficial approach would be to use a centralized UPS system, based on the diesel rotary UPS system (DRUPS). UPS units dissipate heat, and applyingmanystaticUPSunitsthroughout the buildings would have required this excess heat to be removed from the buildings.

In addition, allowing different departments to use (separate) static UPS units would have made the maintenance more complex and costly. Therefore, by creating a centralized power protection, the overall energy consumption and maintenance costs could be reduced. An additional benefit of the alternative approach was that it was relatively easy to have all installations, buildings, and applications protected by the HITEC DRUPS system.

Project Solution

HITEC Power Protection worked together with FourCare (the contracting consortium that built the hospital) to provide a turnkey solution for two PowerPRO2700 units, 2000 kVA each. Both units run in parallel, providing full protection for the 10.5 kV ring that is supplying the hospital compound with electrical power. The units are installed in a dedicated energy building, separate from the hospital buildings.

It was also foreseen that in the future a third unit may be required. With that third unit either the capacity can be increased or redundancy can be provided. The PowerPRO2700 units are a reliable, centralized power solution with a high efficiency, offering the lowest cost of ownership.

Customer Experience

It is only after the handover to the client that the real journey begins. HITEC Power Protection promotes long-term service partnerships that deliver quality, reliability, and value throughout the lifecycle of the equipment. Our customized service solutions encompass an advanced remote monitoring platform, performance reporting, service inspections, maintenance, training, and service consultation. Our helpdesk provides timely, high quality support to all our customers worldwide, 24/7. The Amphia Hospital and HITEC Power Protection have formed a long-term partnership to ensure that the power supply for this critical healthcare facility is in safe hands.

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