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Continuous power supply to new vaccine production line

Our client, a global pharmaceutical company and world leader in the vaccine industry, has 73 manufacturing sites across 32 countries. The vaccines division offers a broad range of vaccines, protecting against 20 infectious diseases in more than 170 countries. It provides more than one billion doses of vaccine each year, making it possible to immunize more than 500 million people across the globe.


UPS type:: Dynamic UPS
Power module:: 3126 kVA
No-break rating:: 2500 [email protected] 0.8 pf of net usable power
Engine rating:: Standby rated at 2763 kW
Phase 1 install:: 1 module
Total install:: 1 module in total
Operating voltage:: 600 V/60 Hz
Configuration:: Single
Housing:: Outdoor sound attenuated weatherproof enclosure


Project Challenge

When our client decided to construct a new vaccine production line at their site in Toronto, Ontario, they hired IPS as the design engineer. There were several key factors to consider during the design phase. First, it was important to size the critical loads properly to ensure everything would be covered by the dynamic UPS. Second, the location of the dynamic UPS was a challenge as they did not want it to take up space in the new production facility; however, they also had constraints on where they could put a dynamic UPS in an outdoor enclosure. Finally, the location of the new production building was at the edge of their site, which bordered on a residential neighborhood, so engine noise and exhaust emissions were a concern.

Our client decided it wanted to save production space within the new production building by placing the dynamic UPS in an outdoor, sound-attenuated (65 dBA @ 7 meter) enclosure, utilizing EPA Tier 4 Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and Diesel Particulate Filtering (DPF). To implement this decision, the client needed to find not only the most appropriate UPS technology, but also a company with the engineering knowledge and installation experience to help them configure the highest density of UPS power in the least amount of space. After considering several options, they selected the PowerPRO3600 product of HITEC Power Protection.

Project Solution

HITEC were able to maximize production space with an innovative solution using containerized dynamic UPS systems. Working with the design engineer over a period of 18 months, HITEC sales and engineering optimized the dynamic UPS solution based on customer constraints and power requirements. Ultimately a 3.126 kVA/2.500 kW dynamic UPS in a single configuration was chosen at 600 V/60 Hz.

IPS and the client had chosen an outdoor, sound-attenuated enclosure for this critical application, and the ultimate weight of such an enclosure with dynamic UPS and 4200 gallons of diesel fuel was approximately 200,000 pounds. Based on this requirement, an engineered structural pad was designed to house the enclosure – thus meeting the design requirements regarding power loading, space optimization, and low noise emissions.

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