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The client is the air navigation services provider and the site at Riga airport covers the airport itself and the Riga In-Flight Information Region; an important flight route in Europe. The Baltics area faces constantly increasing numbers of flights through its airspace and increasing numbers of airport passengers at their airports leading to more arrivals and departures.


UPS type: Dynamic UPS
Power module: PowerPRO1000
No-break rating: 600 [email protected] 0.8 PF of net usable power
Engine rating: Standby750 kVa
Total install: 2 modules in total
Operating voltage: 400V / 50Hz
Configuration: 2N Master Slave system configuration
Housing: Outdoor weatherproof containers



Project Challenge

The existing site had an ad-hoc power supply system supporting the Mission Critical Equipment; these primarily being the Air traffic control tower and the Dispatch centers of both the airport and the in-transit air traffic. The brief was to reconfigure the power supply system to support these services from a single centralized UPS system. Any changes had to be made while still allowing for the nonstop operating conditions of the service. Additionally the client wanted to increase the installed UPS power to connect a new

Air Traffic Control tower and to add back up power for supporting other systems: safety, lighting, air conditioning & ventilation, signaling & monitoring. To solve this problem, the client needed to find not only the most appropriate UPS technology for different loads, but also a company with the engineering knowledge and installation experience to help them configure the highest density of UPS power in the least amount of space. After considering several options, they selected HITEC.

Project Solution

The site has two utility supply incomers and HITEC proposed to make use of these indepen- dent supplies but also when needed have the ability to share the backup provided the HITEC Dynamic UPS units to give a very resilient supply to the downstream loads. This was in the form of the Master-Slave electrical configuration. This uses two HITEC Dynamic UPS units and these where delivered to site in two outdoor weatherp- roof container specifically designed for the wide range of Nordic weather conditions.

The container is designed to meet the following conditions:

  • Compact with incorporated radiator
  • 12 m x 2.4 m x 2.6 m
  • Ambient temperature -35°C to +40°C
  • 76 dB(A) in diesel operation at 7 m
  • 66 dB(A) in normal operation at 7 m

Furthermore, it allows a fast deployment at site.

HITEC was able to overcome the physical, mechanical, and electrical challenge with a single proposal that saved an estimated 40% of space.

Customer Experience

By selecting HITEC, this client partnered with a company who assumed all responsibilities and created a highly technical approach to a difficult challenge. HITEC was able to overcome the physi- cal, mechanical, and electrical challenge with a single proposal that saved an estimated 40% of space that would have otherwise been used for physical infrastructure.

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