Dynamic Kinetic Energy Module Technology

The PowerKEM has been designed to be the central component of the power system in any facility that requires power protection and improved power quality like: data centers, secure government facilities, research projects, banks, air traffic control and manufacturing plants.

The PowerKEM utilizes highly reliable kinetic energy in its KEM energy storage unit. This KEM unit is available in a wide variety of power ratings and by adding power and control cabinets it becomes a relatively simple and highly adaptable UPS system. The PowerKEM can be used singularly, but it is most commonly used in parallel groups to create redundancy and the resiliency required when running critical loads that must never lose power during operations. PowerKEM systems can be used in Low and Medium Voltage power systems and provide, along with the highest levels of reliability, a very sustainable UPS solution.

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Business continuity

An investment in UPS power is an investment in ensuring business continuity.
PowerKEM provides a high level of reliability and efficiency. In addition it ensures total protection of essential electrical loads with the benefit of low cost of ownership for its lifetime. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians will partner with you to identify your needs, develop an optimal design and implement the system in your facility.

Flywheel storage

PowerKEM is an energy storage unit that stores kinetical energy in a flywheel. PowerKEM consists of a standard synchronous generator and a steel flywheel.

The PowerKEM storage unit is very robust. It does not use fragile components such as power electronics, power capacitors or magnetic bearings. Furthermore, it does not rely on batteries for its energy storage.

Efficient solution

The PowerKEM unit is very efficient and effective. It is an excellent solution for customers that already have a diesel generator set.

PowerKEM provides voltage stabilization, power conditioning, and protection against short outages. PowerKEM is also beneficial for applications that need protection against short interruptions only. The existing diesel generator provides the long-term power backup.

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The PowerKEM series builds upon the KEM Storage Unit to provide a simple UPS system that can be configured to provide the desired level of redundancy and resiliency for your facility. Efficient and sustainable, PowerKEM can be used in Low and Medium Voltage and delivers highly competitive CapEx and exceptionally low OpEx leading to an unmatched low Total Cost of Ownership. Our PowerKEM range is available from 400 – 1000 kVA units for both 50 and 60 Hz applications. The PowerKEM series is ideally suited to sites that already have onsite generation where it is able to “bridge the gap” and support electrical loads in the period between a utility outage and the generation being active.