New Project win: Utility Improvement Projects, Indonesia

September 14th, 2020

Power availability and power quality throughout large parts of Indonesia is not as reliable as it needs to be in order to support the country’s growing economy, and this can cause many issues.

To address this Hitec has worked extensively with its local partner PBG to develop a solution (product) that provides significant Utility improvement to localised customers. After all the hard work we are now very pleased to announce that HITEC and PBG have secured three Utility Improvement Projects in the country.
The HITEC ‘product’ that has been developed for this application is both standardised and modularised. It can be used in almost any location and will support numerous commercial businesses and industrial processes.

The HITEC Dynamic UPS is highly suited for such applications, they can operate at high ambient temperatures, in high humidity, at altitude and in very remote locations. They require minimal servicing and will continuously filter the utility to deliver a clean waveform. They will also support any load type, which is extremely useful for the multi-user supplies that utilities tend to offer.

It is very exciting for HITEC to play such an important role in the future growth of Indonesia.

About HITEC Power Protection

HITEC Power Protection is the world leader in dynamic continuous power solutions and has over 2100 UPS systems istalled globally. Headquartered at Almelo in The Netherlands, HITEC delivers class leading turnkey Dynamic Rotary PS systems that are designed to meet individual customer needs, wherever they are in the world. HITEC guarantees orldwide customer service support through an integrated network of highly qualified service engineers that are backed up by three Regional Support Centers and a 24 x 7 Global Helpdesk.