New Project Win: Data Centre Expansion, Canada

October 14th, 2020

This project involves the delivery of our sixth PowerPRO3600 to complete Phase 4 of a major Datacenter build-out in Canada.

The original design for this Datacenter was based around Static UPS, but due to space restrictions and time limitations the customer proposed Dynamic UPS as an alternative. The space saving attributes of HITEC’s design reduced the footprint by around 40% when compared to a similarly rated Static UPS, and it also meant that the customer didn’t need to build an additional plant room area to house the battery! Ultimately, in addition to saving space HITEC’s solution was the most cost effective and had the shortest lead time.

We are delighted to continue our support of this first class facility and to accompany our customer as it grows.

About HITEC Power Protection

HITEC Power Protection is the world leader in dynamic continuous power solutions and has over 2100 UPS systems istalled globally. Headquartered at Almelo in The Netherlands, HITEC delivers class leading turnkey Dynamic Rotary PS systems that are designed to meet individual customer needs, wherever they are in the world. HITEC guarantees orldwide customer service support through an integrated network of highly qualified service engineers that are backed up by three Regional Support Centers and a 24 x 7 Global Helpdesk.