Retrofit US, Successful Factory Acceptance Test

March 25th, 2020

HITEC is very proud to announce that we have successfully completed the Factory Acceptance Test on our very first Retrofit unit for a project in a Datacenter in California. During a 3 days FAT, we have showed our customer the new PowerPRO 2700 and its capabilities. The retrofit program consist of replacement of existing induction couplings, alternators and control panels on site to our latest PowerPRO 2700, whereas the existing engine, auxiliaries and switchgear stay in place. The teams within HITEC have developed and tested an interface between the existing site setup and the new PowerPRO, which shows great potential and improvement for customers in terms of maintenance costs, reliability and efficiency.

About HITEC Power Protection

HITEC Power Protection is the world leader in dynamic continuous power solutions and has over 2100 UPS systems istalled globally. Headquartered at Almelo in The Netherlands, HITEC delivers class leading turnkey Dynamic Rotary PS systems that are designed to meet individual customer needs, wherever they are in the world. HITEC guarantees orldwide customer service support through an integrated network of highly qualified service engineers that are backed up by three Regional Support Centers and a 24 x 7 Global Helpdesk.