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Continuous supply to mechanical loads for a pharmaceutical production line

The client, Bristol-Myers Squibb, is a leading global provider of pharmaceuticals. To allow new product ranges to be manufactured, an increase in the manufacturing capacity was required.


UPS type: Dynamic UPS, PowerPro2700
Power module: 2,444kVA / 1955kW
No-break rating: 2,250kVA @ 0.8PF of net usable power
Engine rating: Standby rated at 2158 kW
Phase 2 install: 1 module
Total install: 2 modules in total
Operating voltage: 480V / 60Hz
Configuration: Singles
Housing: Outdoor weatherproof enclosures with chiller plants due to coastal location



Project Challenge

The client required a reliable and resilient continuous power solution for the critical production facility. The location in Manati, Puerto Rico is susceptible to short term and long term utility interruptions due to local tropical weather conditions. The installation had to be fully automatic and be easy to maintain given the lack of and high turnover of available machine support personnel. With minimal space available and

proximity to working personnel, the solution requires sound proofing and the design of a unit, along with its supporting equipment, needs to be unobtrusive in its external location. Due to the tropical location and its exposure to corrosive exhaust chemicals emanating from nearby stacks, the UPS system also had to be fully enclosed with its own closed-loop ventilation system.

Project Solution

HITEC Power Protection provided a turnkey solution with weathertight and sound attenuated power module enclosures designed to fit within the space available. The package also included switchgear and ancillary equipment. Innovative materials were used in the construction of the enclosures including corrosion and rust resistant Marine Grade Aluminum and Stainless Steel. Closed loop ventilation was provided within the enclosures using a roof mounted “chiller” house that took chilled water from the customer’s own chilled water cooling system.

Automation was provided by HITEC’s fully automatic Dynamic UPS control PLC. All supporting auxiliaries also used PLCs capable of automatic sequencing with their alarms and monitoring points connected directly back to HITEC’s main PLC. Customer interfaces for monitoring and lighting control was made possible via standard communication links to the customer’s Building Management System. Despite the complexities of design, interaction with customer operation and maintenance personnel was made simple with an easy to understand instruction manual and included a support and service package for routine maintenance with HITEC USA.

HITEC was able to overcome the physical, mechanical, and electrical challenges with a proposal that met all given customer requirements.

Customer Experience

By selecting HITEC, this client partnered with a company who assumed all responsibilities and delivered a highly technical approach to a difficult challenge. HITEC was able to overcome the physical, mechanical, and electrical challenges with a proposal that met all given customer requirements.

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