November 2019 – New Project Secured: Data Centre Expansion, Russia

HITEC has successfully secured an expansion contract at Russia’s largest Data Centre. The Data Center in question consists of a number of identical ‘Modules’, and with each Module operating in a 2N configuration. By securing this latest expansion the total number of HITEC PowerPRO3600 units at this facility will increase to 36.

A 2N configuration, or as its often referred to…a Tier IV configuration, is the most secure functionality that a Data Centre can provide its customers. 2N ensures complete protection for the IT servers under all operational conditions and it is used to support the most critical of applications and those process with the highest value.

This order is significant as it confirms the customer’s continued confidence in HITEC. This confidence has been earned through the successful and reliable operation of our equipment, and the responsiveness and top-notch customer support provided by our local Russian team.

Customer support

We believe that the best technology is
only as good as the people who support it!