September 2019 – HITEC supports client’s critical loads during significant main power incident in the UK

The United Kingdom experienced a significant incident on Friday 9th of August when two power stations disconnected from the grid.  This caused the frequency of the entire grid to fall to such an extent that automatic load shedding left a large number of customers across the UK without power for over 40 minutes.

Following this incident, HITEC has contacted all the UK sites that it supports to understand the scale of the event.  The results received showed that dynamic UPS units at most sites registered a frequency fall and some sites also experienced a full loss of power for several tens of minutes.  HITEC is pleased to say that the dynamic UPS units installed fully supported our client’s critical loads during the incident on the main power grid.

The incident itself is unusual but not wholly unexpected.  HITEC’s power system specialist in the UK has been following the trend in more wind and solar generation and less coal and gas generation.  This has made incidents, like that seen on 9th August, more likely to happen and HITEC has been informing its existing and potential clients of this for several years.  The benefits that dynamic UPS units in particular can bring to the end client are not only in supporting its critical load but also in providing revenue opportunities in grid support services through mechanism already in place.

Should you wish to learn more about HITEC’s dynamic UPS or in the way in which our power supply industry is changing then please contact HITEC Power Protection on 01926 484 535.

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