February 2019 – New Project Secured: Pharmaceutical Industry, Netherlands

A USA based biopharmaceutical company has selected a HITEC PowerPRO1800 solution to ensure power continuity for the critical processes involved in production of its cancer treatments.

The company is building a new facility in the Netherlands to strengthen the development and production of its cancer cell therapies and to enable their efficient delivery to patients throughout Europe.

HITEC worked very closely with the Engineering Consultant and the Pharma Company to develop the most cost effective and efficient solution possible. Based on HITEC’s experience, speed of response, high quality approach and the user benefits of the PowerPRO1800, HITEC was rewarded with a purchase order for the full turn-key installation of the Dynamic UPS System.

This is an important win in an expanding global industry sector. It is also another great example of how HITEC technology contributes to society by supporting vital research and the development of advanced cancer treatments.

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