DRUPS is Vital for Continuity of Data Center’s Business



Source: Investor Daily
By: Emanuel Kure /AB
Translated by:  HITEC Power Protection

 Jakarta – PT Graha Teknologi Nusantara (GTN) – a data center provider of PT Multipolar Technology Tbk, is one of the pioneer data center to make use of the diesel rotary uninterruptable power supply (DRUPS) solutions in Indonesia. This technology is very vital for the continuity of the data center business.

 In order to provide reliable power supply to the data center, besides taking in government incoming supply from PT Cikarang Listrindo, GTN also make use of HITEC’s DRUPS technology to ensure continuous, uninterruptable power supply to its data center. Such DRUPS solution is provided locally by HITEC’s Indonesian partner, PT Pilar Bahtera Energi.

 Vice President of Sales of GTN, Mr. Tjetjep Dharmawan said that HITEC’s DRUPS was chosen with consideration of minimizing any potential power supply interruption and bad power quaity from PT Cikarang Listrindo to the data center, as well as continuing the operations of the GTN data center without any interruptions when there is a power supply breakdown from the main source.

 “The electrical supply of Cikarang Listrindo will still have its own level of risk, no matter how we try to minimize it. As such, in order to maintain the availability of the data center, we need to have alternative protection for that. We chose HITEC’s DRUPS because it is a proven technology that can take care of any kind of power quality issues, as well as total power failure from Cikarang Listrindo,” said Tjetjep in Jakarta, earlier on.

 According to him, HITEC’s DRUPS which is being used in GTN is also adopting the green technology, as the added advantage (green data center). The DRUPS system do not use battery, which could lead to environmental pollution issues. Also, it generates very minimal carbon monoxide as compared to static UPS. This is in line with GTN’s green data center concept.

 “We adopt the concept of green data center, and HITEC’s DRUPS which we use is very suitable to our concept for the green technology. Free from pollution and also save to be used,” he said.


 Tjetjep said also, the DRUPS technology used in GTN had improved the reliability of the power supply to the highest level for their data center. Due to this, their team could conduct up to 4 times of preventive maintenance checks with the supplier, as according to the service level agreement.

 “In order to ensure the DRUPS to continue operational at the optimal level, we always conduct routine preventive maintenance checks. Such checks can either be done by the supplier, or by our GTN team. We just want to make sure that the DRUPS is continuously able to supply its maximum uptime throughout our data center operations,” he explains.

 Important Elements
The President Director of PT Pilar Bahtera Energi, Mr. Iman Hakim mentioned that DRUPS is an important element in the data center business. Using the human anatomy analogy, he likens that the DRUPS is like the heart for the continuity of the data center business. In fact, DRUPS to him is the heart business in the data center.

 DRUPS is used to ensure the continuity of one’s load in a very effective way. “Just like in our body, DRUPS is just like our heart. So important that the DRUPS is being categorised as the heart of the business. This is due to the fact that DRUPS is designed to protect continuously the critical load, which in this case, is the data center load itself, “ Iman said.

 He further explains that, in a daily data center operation, the most important element is to ensure the load to operate continuously. This load, he said, is what we called the no break load and is the reason why DRUPS is so critical and important to be present in every data center.

 “It is logical to say that, DRUPS is more than critical than the criticality of the data center load. Hence, DRUPS is more critical if compared to the data center load. Because of this, in my opinion, the DRUPS should be given its top most attention as when the DRUPS is working well, then the data center is well protected and the data center load will be protected,” he explains.

 According to Iman, DRUPS that is used in GTN have an efficiency room of 40%. Besides that, GTN DRUPS is able to provide an up time of 99.9999% for GTN. This means that the possibility for the data center to fail operation or break down is very small. During the design stage, GTN DRUPS was design layer by layer in anticipation of what all possible scenarios could happened during the main power supply failure.

 “What we design for GTN is the N+1 configuration, whereby even when something happened to one of our DRUPS system, we still have other DRUPS system installed to back up. So, we design the data center protection layer by layer until the probability of failure becomes very small,” he said.



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