HITEC Power Protection at the Gaasperdammertunnel, Amsterdam the Netherlands

In order to improve the quality of living in Amsterdam South East, the Dutch Government (Department of Infrastructure and Environment) have ordered a land tunnel to be build for the A9 Motorway. The tunnel is called a land tunnel because it is embedded in the existing land. The tunnel will be partially covered with a park. With a total length of slightly more than 3 kilometres, the Gaasperdammertunnel is the longest tunnel in the Netherlands and consists of 5 tunnel tubes.

The contractor, IXAS, “who is working for Rijkswaterstaat” has chosen Dynamic UPS technology to ensure continuous supply of power to all the technical installations in the tunnel. After a thorough engineering exercise, HITEC has proved to be able to meet all requirements and fit the 2 parallel 10,5 kV HITEC PowerPRO3600 systems into the central service building. After working closely with the IXAS team, the RAMS study (Reliability, Availability and Maintainability Study) has proven that the Dynamic UPS technology was best choice to meet the technological and functional requirements for this project.

As the global leader in Dynamic UPS technology HITEC Power Protection is very proud that it has been chosen as the supplier of the solution that provides reliable and continuous power supply for the Gaasperdammertunnel.

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