Dynamic UPS Technology

In the 1950s, HITEC engineers leveraged kinetic energy to invent the first uninterruptible power supply that didn’t use chemical storage, and the Dynamic UPS industry was born. There has been an ongoing debate ever since as to which is really the better method for storing energy in UPS applications, batteries or kinetic energy?

Batteries established a firm foothold for many decades because they offered a shorter time to market and higher production volume. Used in Static UPS systems, batteries are often selected over their kinetic counterparts due to a perception that they provide cost-effective protection at all load levels. Many companies therefore often put their stamp of approval on procuring a Static UPS system without fully considering the total cost of ownership and the tangible benefits that a Dynamic UPS system can bring to their business.

Look around the PowerPRO2700


What makes the PowerPRO2700 Series Unique

  • Lowest possible TCO
  • Greatest reliability and uptime
  • Highest available system efficiency
  • Unrivalled monitoring and reporting
  • Rapid and straightforward installation
  • Intuitive control and operation
  • Compact footprint, highest power density
  • A sustainable and battery free solution