Environmental challenges

This particular client is one of the world’s largest providers of telecom services and ranked at the top of the Fortune Global 500 list. Since privatization in 1985, they have been diversifying into new markets, forming new subsidiaries and developing leading-edge technologies. To support this growth, they sought to build a Tier III/IV level facility supporting 237,000 s.f. of space. The goal was to support 3,000 racks at 5 kW/rack at a targeted PUE of 1.2.

Project challenge

Our customer’s new data center needed to address the demands of a rapidly growing mobile phone market in Japan. To accomplish this, the company had to increase the provision of online mobile services, as well as offer new collocation facilities and managed services for 3rd party organizations.

The selected area is prone to earthquakes, and any new construction needed to conform to strict guidelines for seismic protection. These guidelines presented a unique challenge for any engineer to consider. In addition to seismic protection, the selected vendor faced a noise suppression challenge. The population of the job site is home to many retirees, and any new industrial complexes needed to suppress noise.

Finally, space is always a consideration for new data center construction, and the UPS units selected had to occupy the least amount of square footage while still supporting the IT equipment and mechanical loads.

Project solution

HITEC gained the client’s confidence and convinced the telecom giant that they were the correct team to install the best OPEX and CAPEX UPS solution. HITEC proposed two dynamic UPS (DUPS) modules per room, each pair arranged for ease of maintenance and central access to all the major controls and components. In addition, HITEC’s engineers maximized valuable white space by minimizing electrical room areas.

To address the prospect of earthquakes, HITEC engineers designed ‘seismic stoppers’ that use very high reflection dampers to minimize vibrations. Careful calculations were made to establish the DRUPS’s center of gravity and determine if this was sufficient to prevent the unit’s movement. It was determined that the unit needed to be isolated from the mounting pad with 3 levels of isolation between the unit and the outside world.

Through the support of HITEC’s engineering department in this very particular set of requirements, this data center would become the first one in Japan to use Dynamic UPS units.

Customer experience

HITEC’s engineering team is the differentiator that brought significant value to the project. They accomplished this by simplifying the overall design scheme and reducing the fault current and connections between supply and load, while providing continuous support to the total facility. In addition, HITEC increased the data center’s overall system reliability while ensuring a true, ‘GREEN’ sustainable power approach in a very difficult seismic environment.

    • UPS type:                       Dynamic  UPS
    • Power module:           2,000 kVA
    • No-break rating:        1,336 kW@ 0.8pf of net useable power
    • Voltage:                           6.6 kV alternators, switchgear, and chokes
    • Phasing:                           6 modules total
    • Operating voltage:    400V / 50Hz
    • Configuration:             N+1 Redundant
    • Install:                               Indoor

Customer support

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